Jamie Moore - Open Source Advocate

I offer a consultancy and support service for individuals and small businesses who wish to take advantage of the benefits of Linux, BSD and other open source operating systems and applications.

While my preferred Linux distribution is Debian, I can introduce you to all facets of the often misunderstood world of free and open source software, including the range of Linux and BSD distributions.

I can discuss with you how open source software has a place in your enterprise, how massive savings can be made thanks to the flexible and liberating licensing models used by the software, and where you can run Linux, BSD and open source software alongside your existing Microsoft-based products and infrastructure. has a number of tried and tested solutions for a variety of I.T. requirements: file servers, server and appliance virtualisation, voice over IP, firewalling, web-based applications, routing and networking, web traffic restriction and monitoring, directory services, databases, internal and external e-mail solutions, ticket management, support services and many more ...

Once in place, with a Linux support agreement, update and maintenance of the services is all handled for you. A number of watchdogs, system monitoring and auditing methods are employed to ensure smooth running of your systems, with customers often contacted even before they are aware there is a potential problem.

Call me on 03333 444 500 to discuss how your information technology can become Penguin Powered.

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